install steps:

1, insert the servo as shown in the figure.

2. Find the one-shaped rocker arm of the steering gear, cut the rocker arm as shown in the figure below, and then install it into the white gear slot

If the groove is too tight, you can cut the entrance of the groove with a knife, and then press the steering gear arm in forcefully

3.install the big gear on the steering gear

prepare to assemble the main body (the right claw with the ring is specified)

The order of emission from bottom to top is ring-right claw-left claw-ring. (Note that the pinion is placed between the left and right claws)


Then cover the top “lid” and screw on the screw.

Common problem

1.The claws do not move and the resistance is too great.

Probably the longest screw was too tight.

2.The claw opening angle is too small or the claw cannot be closed:

The steering gear angle is not installed correctly, adjust the angle, and reinstall the steering gear.

update log


Created on 2019.4.9