First look at the product detail map

Note: wood materials, acrylic materials, stainless steel, mounting method is the same

1. Install the bracket

1 gasket on each side (stainless steel material does not need a gasket)

Tighten the screws

There are a total of 4 positions, all of which must be installed and tightened

2. Install one side driven wheel

Install a nut on each side of a board, and tighten the nuts on both sides to the direction of the board, so that the board is clamped

At this place, pay attention to the gap between the wheel and the nut, so that the wheel can rotate freely

3. Assemble the driving wheel

Twist in the screws

4. Install the motor

5. Install the drive wheel

Set the coupling into the motor

The drive wheel is installed successfully

6. Install the other side parts according to the above method

7. Connect the two boards

Use copper pillars to connect and fix the two motherboards

8. Install the side to the bottom plate

Pay attention to the direction of installation, the square hole is in the same direction as the motor

The appearance after installation on both sides

9. Install the track of the tank

Put the track into the wheel and prepare to install the third wheel

10. Install the driven wheel

First fix one end of the corner code on the screw of the driven wheel with two nuts

Then put the driven wheel into the track, install the other end of the corner code to the second layer of the main board. When installing the corner code, pay attention to pad the nylon gasket between the corner code and the plate to increase friction and prevent the corner code from loosening.

This is what it looks like after the installation is complete

11. Successful installation

common problem:

1. Some parts need to be equipped with loose nuts. The lock nuts are locked, which is difficult to screw in and requires force.

2. Installation method of tank track First install 2 wheels, then put in the third wheel, and then install the third wheel


Created on May 13, 2021