1. Connect the two link arms to the triangle link

2. Connect the connecting rod to the rear joint of the horizontal arm

3. Connect the two pre-assembled links to the front drive arm

Position the horizontal arm and the triangle link to align with the upper connection of the front drive arm

4. Base assembly

First fix the steering gear

Ensure that the steering gear is in the neutral position, and then install the dual-arm rudder propeller on the spline shaft, keeping the arm parallel to the main body of the steering gear Insert the rudder propeller into the shell under the circular plate and fix it with spacers and screws

Place the base between the two shoulders on the board and connect it with two M3 screws and nuts. There are two hexagonal housings underneath, so the nut will stay in place during the tightening process

5. Install the clip

6. Final installation


Now we are ready to connect the three main sub-components to each other.



First align the base with the main arm, align the axis of the part and insert the rubber ring from one side

Then install the servos on both sides



Then connect the last connection to the fixed arm on the back of the base



The installation is comple

Update time: 2021.10.13