SNAR62 arduino six degrees of freedom PS2 robotic arm installation and operation tutorial

Step 2: Test if all circuits and servo are working properly

You have to test it first!!!

Servo wiring:

The servo line is positive +, and the VCC is connected to the board

Brown is negative with GND

Yellow is the signal cable, connected to S

Steering gear socket location:

A0 -A5

Note: 1. Do not insert the positive and negative poles of the servo 2. The order is inserted arbitrarily and can be changed later

Power supply:

The 5V adapter DC head is plugged into the upper panel

Reference Video:

Here’s a test video with four degrees of freedom:

Step 3: Install the robotic arm Please jump: Installation tutorial, operate the third step and see the fourth step at the same time

please go to
Step 4: Install and debug


1. The order of each part of the steering gear is not fixed, it can be inserted at will, and it is not suitable for adjustment

2. Unplug all the servos, insert the control board from the bottommost servo, start debugging, and after debugging is complete, insert the second servo for debugging


If you do not perform a top-to-bottom connection test, the server installation will fail due to incorrect angle installation. If you encounter a jammed steering gear, immediately turn off the power and unplug the stuck steering gear to adjust the angle

Common topics:

Remote control servo response slow? Can’t even control the steering gear? It may be that the remote control has low power consumption or insufficient power supply to the servo control board


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