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3, steering gear control (Servo)

The servo control of the drive board is realized by the PWM dedicated chip PCA9685, and the corresponding numbers are 0, 1, 14, and 15, respectively. Since the common steering gear on the market usually only supports 50Hz signals, the frequency of pwm.setPWMFreq(50) is controlled at around 50. Please refer to the sample code for specific applications.

Note: The power of the on-board voltage regulator chip is very small. Please remove the red jumper cap from multiple servos, and then use the 5V power supply to supply power independently through the “rudder auxiliary power supply” interface.


There are two sensor interfaces in the upper right corner of the drive board, which can be inserted into the three-wire sensor or the servo. This interface is directly connected to the Arduino D5, D6 pins.

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