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Step 6: Overlay Cascade

When it is felt that the motor interface is not enough, multiple drive boards can be cascaded. We support up to 32 drivers for a total of 64 stepper motors or 128 DC motors.

Multiple drive cascading requires a unique I2C address for each drive, with a default address of 0x60. The address ranges from 0x60 to 0x80 for a total of 32 addresses.

There are a total of 5 jumpers on the driver board from A0~A4. Different jumpers can be soldered to set different addresses. The rules are as follows

Board 0: Address = 0x60 Offset = binary 0000 (default is empty)
Board 1: Address = 0x61 Offset = binary 0001 (A0 only)
Board 2: Address = 0x62 Offset = binary 0010 (A1 only)
Board 3: Address = 0x63 Offset = binary 0011 (Welding A0 & A1 at the same time)
Board 4: Address = 0x64 Offset = binary 0100 (welding only A2)
and so on. . .

0x70 is the broadcast address, it is recommended not to use it.

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