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Easy Start

  1. After receiving the goods (note that the parts are scattered) please scan according to the

Website tutorial installation.

2.  After installation, first turn on the power switch, the rudder will

appear in the initial shape in about 3 seconds, and reinstall the steering arm of the steering gearin a straight line. (As the picture show)

3.1 After the robot is turned on, turn on WIFI and select Makerbuying to connectthe network.

3.2 After the match is complete, Open Google or any browser. Enter in the search box to open the robot’s control interface.


This product has a specially configured charging cable. Do not use other charging cables.

Other charging cables will burn the charging board. With polymer lithium batteries, other types of batteries are not available.


this cable only for charge propose

this battery not include, you can buy from amazon or other website

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