Two position wiring clip LED ceiling light fixture wiring clip electronic CH2 quick wiring terminal
[Name] Ceiling light wiring clip, super terminal CH-2
【 Size 】 As shown in the following figure
【 Parameters 】 Voltage withstand: 380V Current withstand: 10A
[Wiring Instructions] Terminal “L” is connected to the live wire terminal “N” is connected to the neutral wire
The other end is connected to the lamp panel and the ground
[Weight] Two digits: 2g
【 Color 】 White
[Purpose] Used for LED ceiling light wiring strips, as well as connecting parts for various household appliances, lighting fixtures, electromechanical machinery, and other electrical wires
Product Overview:
The wire frame is made of high-quality spring steel, which has good elasticity and strong toughness;
The line capacity can be freely selected from 0.5 square millimeters to over 3.5 square millimeters;
This product can replace X3 plastic terminals;
Three second quick wiring eliminates the time and money of drilling screws, accelerates the assembly time of workers, and also saves labor wages, electricity bills, etc