TT DC gear motor with 15cm DuPont line male for DIY smart car STEM



High quality 130 motor, acceptable voltage 5-10V

Adopt national standard 1007-24# wire welding, heating glue fixing

Fully compatible with our company’s [Electronic Building Blocks] series of other products


Name: TT motor with 15CM line male

Model: SM1


Product parameters:

DC decelerating magnetic motor, reduction ratio 48:1, two-axis motor;

High quality DuPont wire welding, heating and melting glue fixing;

DuPont line is 15cm long and the interface is DuPont’s male head;

Weight: 29g

Motor work attributes:

Operating voltage no-load current no-load speed

6V ≤200mA 200±10% rpm

3V ≤150mA 90±10% rpm




shipping list:

1pcs motor

1pc manual