Selected Small Nail Hammers
Small Hammer Selection is a high-quality and cost-effective product selected by us based on our own technology and experience.
Features of the selected remote control motor for the small hammer:
Pure copper wire motor, durable. Tailored goods from large factories, priced below manufacturing cost, with wide voltage and low current, suitable for remote control scenarios, do not burn remote controllers casually.
[Model] FF-130SA-15160/37
【 Weight 】 About 16.7 grams
【 Suitable voltage 】 DC 3.0V-6.0V
Voltage, speed (no-load), current
3.0V 6000 rpm 60 ma
3.7V 7500 rpm 65 ma
5.0V 10300 rpm 75 ma
6.0V 12500 rpm 85 ma