TT DC Reduction Motor with DuPont Line Male Head DIY Intelligent Car 【 Electronic Building Blocks 】 STEM Education

STEM electronic building block series

DIY accessories specifically designed for primary and secondary school students and college students. No welding required, simple and easy to use, durable. Significantly reducing the DIY threshold, it can be used by both kindergarten and graduate students. We have centralized factory procurement, assembly line production, strict quality inspection, greatly reducing production costs, which is lower than your own welding costs. Through our products, you can reduce unnecessary time waste during the creative process and devote more energy and time to your creativity.


Product features:

High quality 130 motor, can accept voltage of 5-10V

Using national standard 1007-24 # wire welding, fixed with heated melt adhesive

Fully compatible with other products in our company’s electronic building block series

Name: TT motor with 15CM wire male head

Product parameters:

DC deceleration strong magnetic motor, reduction ratio 48:1, dual axis motor;

High quality DuPont wire welding, fixed with heated adhesive;

DuPont cable is 15cm long and the interface is DuPont male;

Weight: 29g

Motor working properties:

Working voltage, no-load current, no-load speed

6V ≤ 200mA 200 ± 10% rpm

3V ≤ 150mA 90 ± 10% rpm


Shipping list:

Motor with 4 wires