Story Background


Ten years ago, I came into contact with the globally popular robotic arm arm, but the installation was particularly troublesome. It may take four hours to complete the entire installation, and most of my learning time was wasted on installation. That’s why I came up with the idea of developing a robotic arm that is easy to install. We use 3D printing technology, and the right angle part of the arm that needs to be tightened with screws is all integrated here, greatly reducing the overall installation time, and can even be installed in 30 minutes. This will allow more time for difficult programming and control studies. I hope my design can help more friends quickly learn robot knowledge.


We not only make improvements in hardware, but also in software for improvement and compatibility. Using the internationally recognized Arduino for driving and compatible with Mixly graphical programming, the simple physical structure paired with graphical programming instantly lowers the threshold for using this product, allowing users without many basic skills to operate and use it.



Product Introduction:

This is a robotic arm produced using 3D printing technology, using 5 sg90 actuators, with a reasonable design, stable structure, and easy installation. Using the official Arduino uno development board used globally and compatible with the graphical programming software developed by Beijing Normal University’s Missy Mixly, drag and drop programming is achieved.




The maximum arm length is about 13cm

The maximum height is about 210cm



Product features:


3D printing production

5 sg90 servo motors

Simple and fast installation

Misqi graphical programming



1.3D printing production, there may be burrs, please be cautious if you mind

2. For loose shipments that require assembly, please be cautious when taking photos with poor hands-on skills


3. The program has been written before shipment and can be used directly. Additionally, the program source code is also available for download


Shipping list:

1 set of 3D prints

5 sg90 servo motors