Arduino Motor Servo Shield Driver Board PS2 Handle Wireless Remote Control mearm
using PCA9685 and TB6612 chip combination, very stable and highly scalable, Arduino control board and driver board through the IIC communication, so do not take data pins, can give players greater scalability.
The driver board can not be used alone, need to cooperate with Arduino uno development board
Designed specifically for the PS2 handle slot, easy to achieve wireless remote control
Full support for graphical programming
Product Features:
1, to provide dedicated PS2 wireless controller interface, and can be completely plugged into the arduino uno development board
2, through I2C and arduino communication, can be cascaded cascade
3, can be accessed by six steering gear, two of which are directly controlled by Arduino, the other four driven by the PWM driver.
4, can be connected to four DC brush motor or two 4-wire stepper motor.
5, the use of TB6612FNG motor driver chip, 1.2A drive capability, peak 3.2A, spike L298N module
6, with complete sample tutorial and code base.
7, support for ultrasonic sensor interface and Bluetooth module interface.