Compatible with Arduino nrf24L01 8-channel 4-channel 300m remote control receiver set, rudder electromechanical tank control DIY SNAR91
Product Introduction:
Using two Arduino boards and nrf24L01 to remotely control four servos, the four servos can also be replaced with four electrical controllers to control the motors

Product features:
2.4G remote control with a visible distance of 300-500 meters
Arduino driver for easy development and improvement
Modular products for easy reuse
Can control the servo or electric control
Multiple buttons, expandable
Provide source code

Technical parameters:
Outdoor visible remote control distance: 300 meters
Control the number of servos: 4 or 4 electrically adjustable, or hybrid control
Can control the types of servos: MG996, MG995, MG90S, SG90
Controllable types of electrical regulation: brushed electrical regulation, brushless electrical regulation
The remote control uses four AA batteries
Receiving board power supply: 5-6v

Shipping list:
An Arduino mini remote control with a battery case
An Arduino Uno development board
A PS2 controller expansion board
A 5V2A adapter