economy 2WD German Tiger tank Robot chassis 1:32 arduino KIT Raspberry Pi DIY
* Domestic manufacturers of abrasive production, good quality
* World War II classic German Tiger tank 1:32
* The left and right drive lanes are easy to control
* The box is coated with thick grease
Product parameters:
Product Model: SN900
Weight: 244g
Size: Length Width hight 21cm * 12cm * 4cm
Load capacity: 1kg
Motor parameters:
Motor model: 130 toy motor
Reference voltage: 2-8v
Reference current: 0.35-0.5A
No-load test:
3v 0.34A 198RPM
6V 0.37A 390RPM
8V 0.5A  553RPM
No-load tank speed:
3V 0.18m / s
6V 0.34m / s
8V 0.49m / s
Reminder: This product motor for the toy , no other datasheet
shipping List:
A finished tank chassis
Diy remote control tank
Diy smart tank
Can be used for arduino, 51 single-chip, raspberry pie (no space, need to install their own)
photo detail:

example show:
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