Human beings all have a dream of exploring space, and we need to cultivate this dream. We have been working hard to explore this dream since childhood, starting from the chassis of the lunar exploration tank.



Scientific knowledge points:


1. The principle of tank movement


2. Principles of Motor Motion


3. Basic Mechanics


Product features:



Building block assembly toys

3-9V wide range voltage

TT motors have strong versatility

Economically affordable

Multiple circuit boards can be installed, including Arduino, L298N, and SG90 servos

Fix the motor welding joint with glue for easy reuse



Product Name: Lunar Exploration Upgrade Acrylic Full Assembly Tank Chassis


Model: SNX3


Unique code: 004


Net weight: 380g


Frame material: aluminum plate


Size: 20.5x16x7Cm (length, width, height)


Track width is 4.5 centimeters, length can be disassembled, self provided with tools


Assembly instructions:

We have a small screwdriver that can be assembled, and the motor wire has already been welded

Shipping list:

A set of tank chassis components


1. The shipment is for loose parts and needs to be installed by oneself

2. This product is a patented product and does not provide design drawings