Mecanum wheel single-layer trolley chassis omni-wheel mobile smart car metal chassis robot racing car

This model does not contain a circuit board! ! !

Moving speed: about 30CM/sec
Ground clearance: 15cm
Frame material: aluminum alloy
Bearing capacity: within 10KG (free movement in all directions)
Control method: APP
The entire trolley size: 300mm*213mm*80mm
1. Single-layer alloy aluminum plate: The frame adopts 6061 alloy aluminum plate to take into account the hardness and toughness. The black oxidation process is the surface scratch resistance and insulation to prevent short circuits. The platform is designed with multiple sliding holes to facilitate the installation of sensors and control boards.
2. Single shaft connection: The front and rear axles of the bottom of the platform are connected in a coaxial manner with multiple bearings. The structure is precise and the terrain adaptability is strong. It ensures that the four wheels can grip the ground at the same time, reducing errors
3. Wheat wheel and motor: 60mm mecanum wheel is used, each wheel has a self-lubricating copper sleeve (life is better than domestic bearings), micro M2 screw double-headed fixed, does not rub the ground, 37 reduction motor has an encoder at the end
4. There are reserved open source main control board holes. The main board adopts a detachable double-layer design, top-level control, bottom-level drive, and multiple IO ports are reserved to facilitate expansion of functions. The platform movement can be controlled through the serial port and has multiple baud rates. Optional, can connect to WIFi, Arduino, etc.