Product introduction:
All-metal mechanical arms (waist, big arm, forearm, forearm rotation, wrist, wrist rotation), all joints are fixed with high-precision bearings, and the operation is more stable.

The bottom is clamped and fixed with high-precision all-steel large bearings slotted, which makes the operation more stable.

①The motion torque of this manipulator is better than that of the general level manipulator.
②The frame material is made of thicker materials, which is not comparable to thin materials. The thickness of the material is different, and the mechanical strength is different.

③Using four 20kg Taiwanese technology waterproof metal shell digital steering gears and two MG90S metal gear steering gears to ensure longer-lasting power.

④All the kinematic joints are connected with high-quality bearings for better performance.

⑤According to the load of the general steering gear, the arm size is accurately calculated to improve the mechanical performance of the mechanical arm.

⑥The volume and precision of this baby’s design are especially suitable for teaching and testing.

⑦The arm base is fixed with high-quality all-steel large bearings, the base fixed machine arm movement will no longer shake, and the load-bearing performance is better.

⑧Double-layer free-style rudder disc, compatible with various suckers, electromagnets, forks, claws, grippers, etc.

Shipping list:

The shipment is in loose parts and needs to be assembled and debugged by the user.