Brief Introduction: This Is a Metal Assembled Remote Control Tank Mechanical Arm, Which Is Driven by Arduino Single Chip Microcomputer and PS2 Remote Control, and Can Control the Walking of the Tank and the Movement of the Mechanical Arm.
Product Features:
1. PS2 Controls the Walking Robot Arm of Tank Chassis and Controls the Movement of Four-Degree-of-Freedom Robot Arm
2. Two-Way Power Supply Makes the System More Stable,
3. Four Free Metal Mechanical Arms, Using Mg996 Steering Gear, Strong Strength.
4. Adopt the International Arduino as the Control Board and Cooperate with PS2 Expansion Board to Realize the Remote Control Effect.
Matters Needing Attention:
1. the Tank Is Driven by Two 18650 Batteries Delivery Without Battery
Tutorial: We Provide Online Installation Tutorials and Necessary Videos.
Product Parameters:
Model: SNAR36
Net Weight: 1315g
Packing Type: Paper Box
Packing Size: 24*16*13cm
Robot Arm Color: Black
Chassis Material: Aluminum Alloy
Mechanical Arm Material: Aluminum Alloy
Track: Engineering Plastic
-Wheels: Plastic
Tank Size: about 260*200 * 65mm (Length * Width * Height)
Maximum Extension Length of Mechanical Arm: 23cm
Maximum Opening Size of Clip: 7.5cm
Chassis Design Load: 2kg
Motor Model: 33gb520
Motor Voltage: 9 to 12V (Rotating Speed at 12V Is More than 300 Revolutions Per Minute)
1 Set of Remote Control Tank Mechanical Arm Kit Needs to Be Assembled by Itself