Product Name: Small desktop conveyor belt with photoelectric counting, assembly line conveyor, PP plastic PVC automatic friction force experiment, technological innovation learning ZDH8


Conveyor belt parameters:

Belt width: 8cm

The effective length of the conveyor belt is approximately 49cm

Support material: PP plastic,

Overall size: Approximately 50 * 10cm in length and width


Height: 73mm

Adaptor working voltage: 110-230v


Fastest speed: 7.6cm/s


Slowest speed: 1.8cm/s


Motor parameters:


Motor parameters: Taiwan 35GMA

Voltage: 12V

Motor speed: 116RPM


Weight: 2KG


Product features:


Made of PP plastic processed by CNC, with high toughness and durability

PP plastic is twice as lightweight as PVC, making it suitable for international transportation

Many times better than 3D printing quality

Can automatically count with display screen


Product features:


Standard version:


Speed regulation, from slowest to fastest