This crawler chassis is made of 3D printing, so the surface is not beautiful, rough textures and cracks are unavoidable, but it does not affect the use, and those who mind are careful to shoot! !



With spring damping, stable walking
Each wheel is equipped with a bearing, low resistance and durable
N20 motor drive gearbox with speed measurement function
The inside of the tank is flat and has a large space


Working voltage: 4-8v

【Rated voltage】DC 5V

【No-load current】40mA

【No-load speed】500 rpm

Load: about 1 kg.



A brief description of the wiring of the remote control receiver is as follows:


If you want to control the car with the ordinary remote control, you only need to connect the two wires at the motor end, and the photoelectric speed encoder wiring can be ignored.