Manual:SNAM6200 6dof robot arm arduino kit install guide

Remote control robot 6 degree of freedom manipulator abb industrial robot model six axis robot 2

6-degree-of-freedom manipulator (waist, boom, arm, arm rotation, wrist, wrist rotation), all-metal manipulator, bottom joint high-quality all-steel large bearing fixed, more stable operation, different arm sizes from batch Sometimes there will be very subtle changes. Product introduction 1 The design concept is derived from the ABB palletizing robot. The principle structure is the same, and the range of motion is greater than other arms of the same class. 2 frame material is made of thick hard aluminum alloy CNC machining, do not take the material ratio of other stores, the material thickness is different. Mechanical physicality is not comparable to 1.5mm stainless steel. 3 The whole arm uses 4 MG996R metal gear steering gears and 2 MG90S metal gear steering gears to ensure more lasting power. 4 All sports joints use high quality bearing links for better performance. 5 According to the general servo load, accurately calculate the arm size and improve the mechanical performance of the arm. The size and precision of the 6 baby designs are especially suitable for teaching and experimentation. 7 The arm base is fixed by high-quality all-steel large bearing, the base fixed arm movement is no longer shaken, and the load-bearing performance is better. 8 products come standard with fixture fixing plate, users can continue DIY suction cup, electromagnet, fork, claw, holder, etc. according to the characteristics of raw materials Note: All packages are shipped in pieces and require self-assembly and debugging (providing assembly instructions) Technical reading The length of the arm is not as long as possible. The longer the load on the steering gear is, the greater the impact on the life of the steering gear. If the load is too large, the steering gear circuit will burn out and damage the steering gear. The performance of the manipulator has a direct influence on the certainty. The longer the arm is, the smaller the load can be. The arm is calculated to the optimum size based on the gear load of the universal metal steering gear and the servo circuit load, and the optimum performance to the steering gear is achieved. The arm includes 4 MG966R double-bearing metal gear steering gears and 2 MG90S metal gear steering gears. The arm joints are all connected by bearings.