Six degrees of freedom mechanical arm air pump aluminum alloy industrial robot model six axis robot 201 arduino suction cup
Product introduction:
In 2020, a new type of robotic arm, we summed up the previous design experience of several models and made a low-cost and high-quality robotic arm.
Multiple thickness aluminum alloy, durable
The boom is driven by dual steering gears, and the operation is more stable
Adopt 20KG steering gear, more powerful
Suction cup filling pump, easily suck up various items
The new design draws on previous experience
A total of 5 20kg servos, 2 mg90s
Adopt online graphic installation tutorial, which can be accessed abroad, and shipping with tutorial QR code sticker
Product parameters:
Model: SNAM6800
Net weight: 1064g
Dimensions: as shown
Servo model: 20KG and 9g
Servo voltage: 4.8v-6.6v
Shipping list:


A set of mechanical parts