Differential remote control intelligent car maker DIY toy
This is an economical version of a complete assembly car kit with all five organs, ready to play once assembled.
Length: 25CM Width: 14CM Height: 6CM
Battery voltage: 6V
Battery type: nickel cadmium battery (700mAh)
Remote control distance: 12M (open outdoor)
Technical principles used:
Rear wheel metal differential
Front wheel rack turning, spring automatically centering
A regular 27MHz/40MHz remote control and receiver board
Basic motion circuits for batteries, remote controls, and motors
Product features:
Full assembly kit for easy understanding of car power, remote control, and differential principles
High degree of modularization of parts, high playability, and convenient modification
The circuit board has control light indications, making it convenient for players to intuitively experience the fun of operation
The transmission shaft uses metal gears
No welding required, easy to operate
The entire vehicle adopts 4 metal bearings

shipping list:

a kit of car, no battery

When assembling the small car, please connect it last and do not operate it with electricity. Do not throw the car during operation and do not reverse the positive and negative poles
When the car lacks power, it may be due to low battery power