Warm prompt: please carefully before you shoot description details, remote control receiver when providing paper only, no technical support, please to beginners shen, remote control and receiving plate will check carefully before we deliver goods debugging good delivery again, due to the circuit board is a special commodity, the unstable operation of personal DIY, once receiving plate is used do not accept return! Mind is not taken, thank you for your cooperation


For instructions

1, the method of frequency, first open the remote control switch, remote control lights began to flash slowly, into the state of the frequency automatically, then connect the power of the receiving plate, under the emergency lights flashing (2) of the remote control after go out, it means the frequency of complete (general frequency automatically to complete) for 10 seconds. You can start using the remote control by pressing the function button, can receive the mainboard corresponding control circuit output voltage.

2, this kind of remote control and receiver plate of any one of A/B remote control, can and anyone size power receiving plate, frequency to each other; Many remote control receiving module when used at the same time, grouping energized in sequence one by one to frequency; The remote control and receiving plate without the frequency code latch function, need to each use method according to the instruction.