2.4G 8CH super high power remote control with receiver board Radio 6v 9V 12v 24v car tank ship

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Product introduction:

This is a universal high-power remote control kit developed by ourselves. It uses an ordinary remote control to control 8 relays, and controls the high-power motor through relays to ensure that the control board will not have problems under high current conditions.



  • Can control 4pcs 1-24v motor forward and reverse
  • 2-way power supply, one way to the receiving board, one way to the motor, do not interfere with each other
  • The receiver uses the AA battery to control the relay’s switches and relays to control the high-power motor.



Technical Parameters:

Remote control distance: 30 meters

Frequency: 2.4G

Remote control: 2xAA battery


Receive board:

Receiver board power supply parameters: 4 XAA battery

Input voltage: 1-24v

Output voltage: 1-24v

Current: 0-10A

Receiver board size: 90X90X80cm


Note: Please read the following notes carefully!


The battery must be cautious, because this switch-type high-power remote control is actually equivalent to directly connecting the motor and the battery, without any circuit conversion , so make sure that your battery can output high power, otherwise, it may cause battery damage or Battery is on fire