Note: Before use, be sure to read this manual in detail. We are not responsible for the board burned due to incorrect operation.


This 2.4GHZ remote control kit can individually control 4 proportional speed regulating
motors + 3 forward and reverse motors + 1 single direction motor. Before using the remote control kit,
you need to link the frequency (this model is automatic search and link mode). and multiple remote
control devices can be used at the same time without mutual interference.

1. Parameter description
1. voltage of remote control: DC2.8V-4.2V (built-in remote control uses 3.7V 450mah lithium battery)
2. USB charging voltage: DC5V
3. The working input voltage range of the receiving mainboard: DC 6.0V-12V (please use a power
battery, and choose the suitable power supply device according to the voltage and power of the motor)
4. Receive main board working output voltage and current: input voltage and output voltage are the
same, 7 outputs/each single output has a maximum peak current of 7A, and allows a maximum continuous
load current of 4A;
5. Receiving board size: 8.9CM * 5CM
6. Measured remote control distance: 30-50 meters (the receiving board is exposed, the antenna stands
up to 10 cm above the ground, the measured remote control distance on a spacious ground, and the remote
control distance can reach 500 meters with a signal booster);
7. Remote control Charging time: about 1 hour
8. Remote control Continuous working time when fully charged: about 10 hours

2.operating instructions
1. First connect the switch line, horn and LED light of the receiving board, and then turn on the
power of the receiving board-turn on the switch, the power indicator of the receiving board will be on,
and the red and blue LED lights will flash alternately, and the signal is waiting for connection;
2. Turn on the remote control switch, the red indicator light of the remote control flashes a few times
and then goes out. At the same time, the horn of the receiving board “dididi” beeps a few times along
with the sound of the machine starting, indicating that the linking connection is successful, and then
you can start using it. Now, you can control the output voltage of the corresponding circuit of the
receiving motherboard by pressing the joystick and buttons of the remote control.
3.. Tips for safe use to prevent overvoltage and overload
1. When the motor is locked, the current is the largest and it is easy to burn the driver IC. If you
do not know the locked-rotor current under the corresponding voltage, please use it with caution.
2. When you find that the new film on the receiving board is very hot, you must be alert, the current
may be too large and the board will burn
3. When choosing a motor, you can’t just look at the no-load current. You must know the detailed
parameters of the motor’s operating voltage, load current and locked-rotor current. Only the motor’s
voltage and load current or locked-rotor current are the voltage and current specified on the receiving
board. Can be used within the parameters;

Please use caution with high-power motors and high-speed motors!