16 CH 2.4Ghz remote control and receiver kit for robot tank excavator 12V SNRM98


1. The working voltage of remote control: DC2.8V-4.2V
2. The working input voltage range of the receiving motherboard: DC 6.0V-12V (please use a high power battery, and select an appropriate power supply device according to the voltage and power of the motor)
3. The working output voltage and current of the mainboard: the input voltage is the same as the output voltage, 7 outputs/every single output has a maximum peak current of 7A, and a maximum continuous load current of 4A is allowed;
4. Size of receiving board: 9.4CM*4.6CM
5. The measured remote control distance: 30-50 meters (the receiving board is exposed, the antenna is raised 10 cm above the ground, and the remote control distance is measured on a spacious ground);
6. Remote control frequency: 2.4GHZ


1. Connect the switch wire, horn, and LED lights of the receiving board first, and then turn on the power of the receiving board-turn on the switch, the power indicator of the receiving board lights, and the red and blue lights of the LED blink alternately, and the signal is waiting for connection;

2. Turn on the remote control switch, the red indicator light of the remote control flashes 2 times and then goes out. At the same time, the speaker of the receiving board is accompanied by the sound of the machine starts, indicating that the frequency connection is successful, and then you can start using it. Press the operation of the remote control The lever and button can control the output voltage of the corresponding circuit of the receiving motherboard.


Wiring instructions

The power supply of the receiving board must be DC 6.0V-12V, the DC12V terminal of the power input terminal is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply, and the GND terminal is connected to the negative electrode of the power supply; the safety switch 2P terminal is connected to the switch, the lamp socket is connected to the red and blue self-flashing LED lamp, and the speaker socket is connected Speaker, the limit socket is connected to limit plug line, output 1 to output 7 is output terminal connected to a motor (motor), ANT is high-frequency short wave receiving antenna, vertical (upright) installation, can not be extended, will affect the receiving distance


1. The working voltage range of the receiving board is “DC6V-12V, the input voltage is the same as the output voltage, the maximum peak current of every single output is 7A, and the maximum sustainable load current is 4A;
2. Choose the motor, not just look at the no-load current, you must know the detailed parameters of the motor’s operating voltage, load current or locked-rotor current, as long as the voltage and load current or locked-rotor current of the motor are the voltage specified on the receiving board It can only be used within the parameters of current; don’t understand it and use it blindly. After use, a mismatch will cause excessive voltage and current damage to the motherboard. Please use caution with high-power motors and high-speed motors! If the receiving board driver IC becomes hot after the connected motor rotates, or if the motor cannot be rotated or the motor rotates very slowly, you can not press the remote control to turn it! When the motor is blocked, the current is the largest, and it is easy to burn the driver IC.