Product name: Third generation small desktop electric conveyor belt
Conveyor belt parameters:
Belt width: 8cm
The effective length of the conveyor belt is approximately 49/69/99cm
Support material: PVC material CNC processed
Bottom plate: 2020 European standard aluminum bar
Drive shaft: aluminum alloy CNC lathe processing
Driven shaft: PVC CNC lathe processing
Overall size: Approximately 50/70/100 * 10cm in length and width
Height: 73mm
Adaptor working voltage: 110-230v
Fastest speed: 7.6cm/s
Slowest speed: 1.8cm/s
Motor parameters:
Motor parameters: 35 deceleration motor
Voltage: 12V
Motor speed: 116RPM
Motor power: 15W
Packaging size: 57 * 16 * 16 cm
Weight: 2.15kg

Product features:
Standard version:
Speed regulation, from slowest to fastest
Forward and reverse versions:
Speed regulation from slow to block, forward and reverse, and pause